About Get Wifed

Hi I’m Allison,

Welcome to my blog! You really could find anything here depending on the day but it’s at least half fitness. You’ll also find crafty stuff, cooking stuff and other stuff. For now expect new posts on Wednesday, Sunday and the odd bonus post. I’m a casual competitor and a semi-serious exerciser and stuff doer. I won’t be telling you exactly how to do anything with no flexibility because well that’s just not me and really there’s enough of that out there!

I’m engaged in a lot of different projects on any given day but everyday I’m also engaged to Richard!  You can describe my projects, our life together and me with many different adjectives including but no limited to: fun, creative, scientific, imperfect, authentic, crafty, cute and loving. Get Wifed is a place and a space for me (and therefore us) to share a bit of life with all of you. We do some things together like start and run our businesses, engage in RC shenanigans, eat and love but other things all by ourselves too. I hope you like it!

GetWifed is a somewhat cheeky expression that describes the stage of life I’m in perfectly. Whether you’re single, coupled, engaged, married or any other category that might apply, I think you’ll find something here you like.  I guess it refers to women of marrying age, but with a new modern twist! My sometimes wild days, traditional education and settling down years are behind me, but I’m not done having fun! A weekend used to mean cocktails and sleeping in, but now the possibilities are endless. It might be a race, growing a business, planting a new garden or a photoshoot at an RC run and this is a hell of a lot more fun and interesting! And I suspect I’m not the only one that finds this stage of life to be just awsome. I guess this blog could best be described by the term lifestyle but you’ll find lots of info on fitness, crafts, food, gardening and lots of ‘other stuff.’  Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about Get Wifed!

Please consider following or subscribing while your here! You can reach me at getwifed@gmail.com


Twitter: @Get_Wifed 

Instagram: @getwifed

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A different kind of stripper!
Bend good
Halloween themed PRIMG_2858

5 chord of wood split and piled

Post long run dip
Just a regular Saturday! Yoga, silly pictures and RC’s!

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