The Myth of 1200 Calories

It’s no secret that I view the word diet as a four letter word. That’s because they are often dangerous, unhealthy, temporary, hard on the head and mostly a short term solution to a long term problem. Sure there are a few variations on a theme but most diets at their core are calorie deficit... Continue Reading →

What the Hell is Noom: Review

You can’t swing a cat video on the internet right now without seeing an ad for noom. Branded as  a phycology based app for loosing wight, personalized coaching especially for millennials, It’s supposed to be an easy list of daily tasks rather than a food logger or fitness tracker and it will only take 10... Continue Reading →

Basic AF Gardening Tips

So you have a black thumb, don't worry there is hope! If you can't grow squat then you don't need advice on pruning, composting or freeing root bound plants. Let's go back, way, way back and get you to the "I might be able to grow more tomatoes per plant next year," by the end... Continue Reading →

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